Augmented Reality

Here are some Augmented Reality Resources for Education.  Please contact me at if you have a suggestion for a new link.  Click here for a Flipboard Magazine of current articles on Augmented Reality in Education.  (A=App Store, G=Google Play)

I have just published a packet on Teachers Pay Teachers of Lessons and Activities for using Augmented Reality in Education.  It is $5.  All of the lessons are ones that I have previously blogged about, but the packet collects these resources into one booklet.

Aurasma (A & G) Drew Minock – How to Make an Aurasma Studio Account Misunderstood Monsters Augmented Calendars
colAR (A & G) Free Aurasma How-To Book Meaningful Integration colAR app Pumpkins
Layar (A & G) Aurasma How-To Classroom Examples Program a Robot
ZooAR (A) Aurasma Studio Video  You Matter Videos AR Basketball 
Imagnotron (A) Make a Trigger in Layar Your Smarticles Staff Development
TracLabs Atlas (A & G) Intro. to Augmented Reality Secondary Triggers  Fantastic Flying Books…
AR Flashcards (A & G) Augmented Reality Cheat Sheets Aurasma in Music  AR Rock Launcher
Fetch! Lunch Rush! (A) Aurasma + Sphere Creative Writing Genius Hour Flyer 
Spacecraft 3-D (A & G) Creating an Aura in Aurasma Studio Step-By-Step  Guess the Artist Staff Development
AR Flashcards Space (A & G) Import a YouTube Video into Aurasma  3 States of Matter Holiday Cards
Interactive World Map (A & G) YouTube Tutorial Videos from Aurasma Geometry and Problem Solving 3D Yearbook
Tour of the Nile (A) Drew Minock – How to Create an Aurasma Sequence Aura  Choose-Your-Own Adventure Reward Coupons
Freedom Stories (A) 4th Grade Wax Museum Geometry and Problem Solving
PBS Cyberchase Shapequest (A) Will be available for Android Feb. 2014 Character Strength Floor Plans  Recommended activities for AR from Brad Gustafson
Enchantium (A&G) Photo Mapo + Tellagami + Aurasma  AR Activities from Paul Hamilton
Chromville (A&G) Daqri Elements 4D Lesson Plans  Teaching with Aurasma via @Thrasymachus
Tamar Estuary (A) Using AR in Elementary School 
Daqri Elements 4D (A&G)
Zookazam (A)

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